District Wellness Initiatives

Robbinsdale Area Schools is committed to the health and wellness of its students and staff. Towards that end, we continue to meet and exceed national requirements for healthy nutrition and physical activity.

Beginning the fall of 2011, the district has worked in conjunction with Hennepin County and the Minnesota Department of Healthy to implement intiatives set forth by the Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP).

Active Classrooms

Active classrooms provide an opportunity for movement and helps get the blood flowing to young muscles and young brains. For example, replacing classroom chairs with stability balls or standing desks can help students concentrate, improve behavior and burn off excess energy. Regular physical activity breaks can enhance the school environment, help establish social norms for active lifestyles, and improve student concentration skills and classroom behavior.

Active Recess

Active recess is programming designed to increase physical activity levels, as well as decrease behavior problems and injuries on the playground. It is intentional about what happens on the playground and takes steps to ensure that all students have an opportunity for fun, safe and active play at recess.


Ideas, tip sheets and other resources for healthy and effective school fundraising.

Healthy Celebrations

Birthday celebrations validate the uniqueness of each child and contribute to the development of strong self esteem. On a schoolwide and classroom level, pricipals and teachers share their own unique traditions to make each child feel valued on their special day. Students are not allowed to bring brithday treats to share with others due to an increase in food allergies, the negative effect of sugar on learning, lost time for eating a healthy lunch, and comparing treats with their peers which often results in hurt feelings.

Healthy Meetings for Faculty and Staff

Creating a culture of health and wellness in meetings and conferences is an important way to help people eat well and be physically active, foster healthier work environments, and cultivate social norms around healthier choices andbehaviors. Supporting healthy food and beverage choices, providing physical activity opportunities, requiring a tobacco-free environment, and promoting sustainability are the areas of focus for the National Alliance for Nutrition and

Activity (NANA) meeting and conference guidance. A toolkit to support adoption of the guidance is available at: www.healthymeeting.org.

Link to Robbinsdale Area Schools Wellness Policy

The district wellness policy was most recently updated in April, 2011. Modifications to the policy are up for review in spring, 2015.

What is SHIP?

SHIP (Statewide Health Improvement Program) is about creating good health for parents, kids, and the whole community, by decreasing obesity and increasing healthy habits. Two out of three Minnesotans are overweight or obese—caused by insufficient physical activity and unhealthy eating—increasing risk for heart disease and diabetes, among other chronic illnesses. SHIP improves health and saves money by building stronger communities. For all our sakes, we can and must do better.

Working in partnership with Hennepin County, Robbinsdale Area Schools is one of several districts in Minnesota participating in this program. Minnesota is the ONLY state in the entire U.S. that is committed to this level of work on prevention of chronic disease.


Laurie Kocanda

SHIP Coordinator