Legislative Action Coalition (LAC)

The Legislative Action Coalition (LAC) is a group of parents and community members
who advocate on behalf of Robbinsdale Area Schools
for students, families and community members on education.

            Negotiations Continue at the Legislature
Last week, with just two weeks left in the legislative session, the House and Senate decided to send Governor Dayton a slew of budget bills. Arguing budget negotiations were going too slowly, they passed these bills which were not negotiated with the Governor, in the hopes that it would change the pace of negotiations. As a result, Governor Dayton vowed to veto every bill sent to him, which he did. Since then, negotiations have been stalled. While a resolution could be reached this week, the prospects of their inability to resolve differences before the May 22 end of session deadline (as directed by the constitution) is high.     Bob Meyer, Ewald Consulting


2017 Legislative Platform for Robbinsdale Area Schools

Keep In the Loop

You can stay up-to-date on what's happening at the Capitol, both exciting and concerning, with these links:

For more information on how you can get involved with the Legislative Action Coalition (LAC), please contact Linda Johnson at 763-504-4087 or linda_johnson@rdale.org.

Links to 2017 Legislators 

The Election Is Over...
        the Results Are In 

When the 90th State Legislature convenes on Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 
there will be 23 new legislative members. Republicans enlarged their 
control of the Minnesota House of Representatives and gained control of 
the Minnesota Senate for the first time since 2011-12. 

The Legislative Action Coalition (LAC) is looking forward to working with each of our newly elected School Board Members and State Legislators. 
We are grateful to all the candidates who ran for elected offices for their commitment and willingness to serve our community.

School Board Members Re-Elected
Congratulations to Helen Bassett, Sherry Tyrrell and John Vento for their
re-election to the Robbinsdale Area School Board!

Sherry Tyrrell  
Helen Bassett     
John Vento      
Andrea Bejarano-Robinson 
Aaron Carlson 
19,906 Votes