Judy Grubbs, parent: "My husband and I are once again reminded of how thankful we are to have raised our two children in District 281, which offers both excellence in academic opportunities as well as excellence in the arts. Our two kids have pursued both unceasingly these last several years. We are very grateful." 

Jean Braun, teacher: "I feel I have a personal obligation or mission to make this school the best it can be, because this is MY school! This is my home."
Jean teaches at Meadow Lake Elementary School, the same elementary school she attended as a child.

Jihan Ayani, participant in several of the district's Community Ed programs: I heard about [the school
district's Even Start Family Literacy] program, I registered and started coming to school. The first two weeks, I was scared and nervous. But after that I started to relax because I started to know new people and they were in the same situation as me. But the most important person that I’m really thankful to is my teacher. She is a wonderful teacher. I’ve never seen one like her. I like her method for teaching. You’ll never feel bored in her class. She teaches us every thing: reading, listening, grammar, conversation...At the end I want to thank the staff in this school for everything they do for us. They are all very nice and helpful. This is the best experience I have ever had in my life.

Rachel Brady, former International Baccaulaureate student: I feel like the IB program really prepared me for [post high school]
opportunities, not only in terms of giving my a strong academic and international foundation for my higher education, but also by cultivating in me a spirit of learning that really wants and works for hard to come by international learning opportunities...As I get further into my time at Concordia, a school that mirrors IB in its focus on learning on an international scale, I realize more and more how special my 7 years in IB were. My IB background continues to be a part of my education that puts me ahead in many of my classes, and gives me an edge.