Meet Thomas

Meet Thomas
Posted on 09/23/2015
A leader on the gridiron and in the classroom, Thomas Barber is one of Robbinsdale’s remarkable students. The Robbinsdale Armstrong High School student committed as a junior to play football at the University of Minnesota. Having discovered the sport in fourth grade, the now-senior has worked hard to achieve on the field. His drive doesn’t end at the goal line, however. He’s also a leader in the classroom who helps others through Relay for Life and LINK Crew.

Thomas says it is important to be involved in things so people remain down to earth and “not all out for themselves.” Jack Negen, Armstrong’s football coach, describes Thomas as someone who leads by example.

“Thomas is the first guy in the classroom and the last guy to leave,” Negen said. “He is really a person who is all about everybody else.”

Thomas was also recently recognized as Aspire Beverage's Player of the Week for Week 1! Read that story here.

Thomas is Robbinsdale. At Robbinsdale we value the differences that make all of our students unique. We approach our work with individual focus on each and every student’s infinite potential.

At Robbinsdale we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Thomas. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable