Meet Nadrat

Meet Nadrat
Posted on 11/20/2015
Nadrat Amos isn’t sure what she wants to do after graduation, but she knows she wants a job where she can travel the world and help people.

This remarkable Armstrong High School freshman is already interested in civil rights and helping people who cannot help themselves. Born in Nigeria, Nadrat won the Human Rights Essay Contest at the school level when she was an eight-grader, and her essay advanced to the state level of competition.

She says, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about. I had writer’s block up until the day before it was due.” Yet determined to complete the entry, she went on to write an award-winning essay. 

“Nadrat has such a great mind,” said Lauren Adams, her eighth-grade English teacher. “She is always searching for a deeper meaning, so she takes our classroom discussions to a high level of thinking. Nadrat is inspired to keep writing and studying about human rights. Nadrat Amos is truly remarkable. Nadrat is Robbinsdale. 

At Robbinsdale we invite all students to make their mark. Just like Nadrat. We are Robbinsdale Remarkable. #RASRemarkable