Curriculum Cabinet

curriculum cabinet

The purpose of Robbinsdale Area Schools’ Curriculum Cabinet is to support educators at all levels as they provide instruction which ensures academic excellence for all students consistent with the Unified District Vision.

This committee is comprised of the curriculum division members, district administration and administrative representation from each of our building levels.

Member Building Position
Adams, Mary Jane ESC TOSA
Burrage, Stephanie ESC Assistant Superintendent
Grace, Tamuriel ESC Program Director
Gregor, Polly ESC TOSA
Herman, Frank Cooper Principal
Kivi, Melissa ESC TOSA
Kulland, Cheri PMS Principal
Mena, Tracy RFT TOSA
Olson, Molly ESC Program Assistant
Potter, Monica NHLC Program Director
Prestebak, Jane NHLC Program Director
Reeck, Carla ESC Program Director
Rieckenberg, Michael Noble Principal
Ross, Zoraba FAIR Principal
Rowe, Frederico Northport Principal
Schnack, Jamie ESC TOSA
Swalboski, Malinda ESC TOSA
Tran, Anh ESC TOSA
Voight, Marti ESC Program Director


Carla Reeck
Director of Federal Programming and Curriculum
Marti Voight
Director of Special Education and Student Services