Identification for Gifted and Talented Programs and Services

Young Scholars (PETS) - Grades 1 & 2
During whole class lessons presented by a Gifted and Talented Specialist, students will be recognized by their classroom teacher as ready for deeper instruction based on an observational rubric. Through the school year, different groups of students may be recognized based on the various lessons presented.

Focus - Grades 3 to 5
Identification goal: identify the top 10% of students in each building by means of standardized measures


Grade 3 Data Points
  • CogAT
  • FAST
    • aReading
    • aMath
    • CBM Reading 

Grade 4 & 5 Protocol:
Student new to the district will be considered on standardized measures.

  • aReading and aMath scoring at the 97th percentile, or
  • MCA Math & MCA Reading scoring at the 97th percentile
  • CogAT will also be administered

ACES - Grades 6 to 8

Identification Goal: Identify the top 10% of students based on Reading and ELA scores in their previous school year.

6th Grade Data Points:

  • Fall AND Winter aReading percentiles at or above the 98th percentile


7th & 8th Grade Data Points

  • Participation in ACES in the previous year
  • Fall AND Winter aReading at or above the 98th percentile AND MCA greater than 667 (767)