Applying for College

Applying for college can be a daunting process.  Fortunately, as IB students, you have a tremendous advantage.  Below you will find materials designed to help you apply for colleges, including forms and general information.

Mrs. Lewis, November 2012

Many students find by senior year that their counselor has changed too many times to really know them.  Since I have been tracking you each year of high school, you may feel that I could write a more personal recommendation letter and fill out the forms more accurately.

I am happy to do that for you.  Colleges have always accepted my submissions as they would a counselor.  I believe that students that work this hard should be able to showcase their effort and accomplishments to the maximum degree, and I want to help. 

If you are using Naviance, let me know that and I will write my recommendation on that site. 

Now, I have a few requests of you:

1. Organize your college application/scholarship forms into individual packets for each college.

2. Let me know clearly when the deadline is for each with a post-it note or something.

3. Give me stamped, addressed envelopes for each college.  Note – put two first-class stamps on each because the envelopes are almost always too heavy for one.

4. Don’t hand me anything or tell me anything or ask me for anything in the hall.  There is a high risk of me losing it or forgetting it.  Visit me in my office in the guidance area so I can file and jot down properly.

5. Please fill out a sheet of paper answering these questions so I can bring you more to life:

  • What interests, hobbies, or experiences have you had that won’t show up on your college resume?
  • What would you like them to know about you that doesn’t seem to fit in anywhere else? 
  • What have you valued about IB and how do you expect you’ll be stronger in college because of it?
  • What do you particularly like about each college you are applying to? 
  • What are your career goals?  (Absolutely FINE if you don’t know them yet.)