What IB Looks for in the Extended Essay

36 points total, distributed as follows:

A. Research question – 2 points

Note: The research question itself is only worth 2 points. However, if the question “does not lend itself to a systematic investigation”, you will only reach a maximum of 2 points in Investigation (C), Knowledge (D), and Reasoned Argument (E).

B. Introduction – 2 points

C. Investigation – 4 points

D. Knowledge and understanding of the topic studied – 4 points

E. Reasoned argument – 4 points

F. Application of analytical and evaluative skills appropriate to the subject – 4 points

G. Use of language appropriate to the subject – 4 points

H. Conclusion – 2 points

I. Formal presentation – 4 points

J. Abstract – 2 points

K. Holistic judgment – 4 points

Each subject category handout explains how these areas would be addressed in that subject – how in History as opposed to Peace/Confict Studies as opposed to Biology.