Registering for exams in October

• Higher Level (HL) exams can only be taken by seniors.  Standard Level (SL) can be taken by seniors or juniors. There is no testing available for one year of IB English – the exam is based on work spread over two years.  Juniors will also not be able to test in History this year because it is an HL exam.

• There is more involved in getting a score for a subject than just taking the exam in May.  There is classroom work as well.   No score will be given if even one of these components is missing.

• Students are charged a fee for each exam which does not cover the full cost. The balance not paid by students is paid by Robbinsdale Area Schools and the State of Minnesota. 

• Because no money is refunded if a student fails to comply with any of the requirements, the commitment of the student to the course and the exam must be high.  A $65 penalty will be charged for each abandoned registration…that is, for exams not taken or classroom work (Internal Assessments) not submitted.  Both the parent and student must sign that they understand this commitment.

• Partial or full scholarship help is available.  A student or parent/guardian need only check the box on the registration form for the level of help they require.  However, the same commitment penalty will apply to scholarship students.  That is, a scholarship student failing to complete the subject requirements will pay $65 in penalty/subject.

• Diploma candidates may take more than 6 exams if they wish, but they must say in advance which is/are the exam(s) which will not count for the diploma.  This is done by filling out a completely separate sheet, as if you were another person, and marking it “Extra”.

• Diploma candidates may take an SL exam as practice for the same subject’s HL exam the following year, but students may not choose the higher of the two scores.  The score which counts will always be the second exam.

• We are not allowed to switch exam times for students with conflicts after March 15, the date on which we must apply for permission to switch.  Check AP test times as soon as you know what you are testing in so we can accommodate you by applying for permission to delay an IB exam or start it early for you.

• A student need not be enrolled in the IB program to register for an IB exam in their IB class.  A student taking the IB course has the option of not registering for the exam, but it is strongly suggested.  For questions, see the Diploma coordinator in the IB office before the registration deadline, which usually falls before the MEA holiday.