Robbinsdale Area Schools

Student Survey

Robbinsdale Area Schools will notify families prior to the administration of a large scale student survey, informing them of:

  • the approximate date of the survey
  • the sponsor
  • the nature of the survey items and any items that fall within the areas protected by the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment
  • the procedures for families to inspect the survey
  • the procedure to opt their student out of a survey
  • the arrangements to protect the privacy of students, including students who have opted out of the survey.

Any surveys funded by the federal government will be administered in compliance with all of the provisions of the federal Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.

District Student Opinion Survey

Robbinsdale Area Schools will conduct a student opinion survey with students in grade four through twelve between February and March of 2024.

The purpose of this survey is to gain the perspective of students on issues related to their sense of belonging in school and their impressions of teacher expectations, diversity, school safety and fair discipline. 

The survey, which is completed online, takes about 25 minutes for students to complete and is confidential (individual students will not be identifiable when results are reported). Families will be notified with additional survey details prior to administration.