Professional Learning Advisory Committee

This district-wide committee is made up of teacher representatives from each of our dynamic school sites across. The committee can also have representation from community members.
Member Building Position
Adams, Mary Jane ESC TOSA
Anderson, Leslie FAIR C Teacher
Beaverson, Sean AHS Teacher
Bomchill, Judie Lakeview EAs
Broberg, Arden Lakeview Teacher
Buckner, Tazha Cooper Teacher
Burrage, Stephanie ESC Assistant Superintendent
Doherty, Tammy Meadow Lake Teacher
Fuller, Katie AHS Teacher
Grui, Anne NHLC Special Ed
Haiven-Bass, Mandy NHLC Teacher
Haney, Mary Sandburg - HV/TASC Program Director
Hayes, Nicola Sonnesyn Teacher
Herman, Frank Cooper Principal
Jenkins, Carlton ESC Superintendent
Johnson, Jennifer ESC/CLC Special Ed
Kivi, Melissa ESC TOSA
Kraft, Kim Northport Teacher
Lindberg, Pam ESC School Board
Lundquist, Sue PMS Teacher
Mayer, Lance Zachary Lane Teacher
McGregory, Richard ESC Executive Director
Merwin, Melissa Highview Teacher
Moberg, Randy FAIR C and PL Principal
Murphy, Nicki NHLC Teacher
O'Donnell, Tatiana RSIS Teacher
Peterson, Paul SMS Teacher
Potter, Monica NHLC Program Director
Prestebak, Jane NHLC Program Director
Quiring, Krissy SEA Teacher
Reeck, Carla ESC Program Director
Rieckenberg, Amanda Neill Teacher
Rooney, Ann RTC Teacher
Schnack, Jamie ESC TOSA
Swalboski, Malinda ESC TOSA
Tran, Anh ESC TOSA
Voight, Marti ESC Program Director
Wolfe, Lori Noble Teacher

The purpose of the Professional Learning Advisory Committee (PLAC) is to ensure all staff are supported, and receive adequate training and resources while implementing district and building initiatives.  Throughout the implementation process, PLAC will ensure teachers and staff have an opportunity to collaborate and engage in reflective dialogue about professional growth, challenges, successes and mastery, within district and building initiatives.  All of the committee’s work will align with the Robbinsdale Area Schools Unified District Vision and support student achievement.
Contact: Polly Gregor Professional Learning Coordinator 763-5048069