District Administrative Directory

All district email addresses are firstname_lastname@rdale.org, or click the name below of the person 
you would like to contact and a new email window will open.

District Administration

Superintendent Carlton Jenkins
Assistant Superintendent Stephanie Burrage  763-504-8021
Interim Director of Business Services Greg Hein 763-504-8037
Executive Director of Community Ed Kristine Wehrkamp 763-504-8013
Executive Director of Human Resources Stephanie Crosby 763-504-8014
Executive Director of Strategic Communications and Achievement Accountability Richard McGregory 763-504-8029
District Programs

Advanced Placement Program (AHS) Paul Dotter 763-504-8913
Chemical Health Program Contact your school nurse
English Language Learners Program Anh Tran 763-504-8078
Gifted and Talented Education
Stephanie S. Burrage 763-504-8021
Achievement and Integration-College Readiness Tamuriel Grace 763-504-8026
IB Diploma and Middle Years Programme (Cooper) Kari Christensen 763-504-8644
IB Middle Years Programme (IBMYP)(RMS) Jennifer Holtgrewe 763-504-4834
IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) (Lakeview) Molly James 763-504-4139
Resource and Welcome Center Betty Tapias-Henrich 763-504-7680
Special Education Marti Voight 763-504-8600

Community Education

Adult Academic Program David Esposito 763-504-8300
Adventure Club School-Age Care Melissa Laatsch 763-504-5320
Lifelong Learning for Youth and Adults Aviva Hillenbrand 763-504-6990
Volunteers in Partnership Jill Kaufman 763-504-6991

Early Childhood Education

Creative Play/Kindergarten Preparation Monica Potter 763-504-4161
Early Childhood Family Education Monica Potter 763-504-4161
Early Childhood Screening Monica Potter 763-504-4161
Early Childhood Special Education Marti Voight 763-504-8070