Legislative Action Coalition (LAC)

Attendees at the 2019 Robbinsdale Legislative Breakfast

The Robbinsdale Area Schools Legislative Action Coalition (LAC)
 is a non-partisan group of parents, students and community members who advocate for legislation that supports our students and community.

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Governor Walz releases proposed budget providing an increase in state funding of just over $2 billion including $733 million for E-12 Education 

The Governor released his proposed budget for the state on February 19, 2019. His budget calls for a gas tax hike, and includes more money for schools, health and roads.

Deadlines are set for committees for 2019 to help streamline the legislative process. 

Legislators are now waiting on the state economic forecast, due out Thursday, February 28.


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Please Join Us Minions

Please join us at the Legislative Action Coalition meetings.
No experience is necessary, just a desire to make a positive difference.

Please call 763-504-8028 to check on this year's meeting schedule.  

Contact Kristine Wehrkamp at lac@rdale.org for questions or 763-504-8028.