Google Apps for Students

Click the image to access the district's Google Apps login. Use your Novell username and password.

With Google apps, you can create and sharea variety of online documents including a word processing, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing tools, calendar, etc.

EasyBib, a powerful tool for creating bibliographies and taking notes, is accessed through Google Apps. After logging in, click on the More menu and select EasyBib.

Using Google apps is a privilege. When you log in, you are accepting responsibility to use these tools for educational work. Please review theacceptable useguidelines and your student handbook.

This Google apps account is provided for your use to support your school work. Keep personal communications in a separate account that you use outside of school. When in school, use only your Rdale account. Google apps mail is filtered for content and spam. Remember that in Google apps, nothing is ever lost. Anything you type can be retrieved, even if deleted. Communicate clearly and be kind.

DO use your Rdale Google account to: DO NOT use your Rdale Google Account to:
  • Share work with your teachers.
  • Collaborate with partners on school assignments.
  • Contact a college or university for applications or information.
  • Bully or harass anyone for any reason.
  • Contact friends to discuss anything unrelated to school work.
  • Use Rdale email to set up any other account not specified by a teacher.