About Us

Welcome to Robbinsdale Area Schools Community Education

Based on core values of lifelong learning and citizen involvement, Community Education is a key component of the Robbinsdale Area Schools. We provide opportunities to learners of every age through a variety of programs and services. Opportunities are offered to local citizens, schools, agencies, businesses, and institutions to become active participants in our learning system both as a learner and as a resource to it. We expand learning beyond grades K-12 to include all community members and embrace both formal and informal learning opportunities. We create an environment that views education as anything that enhances life and expands personal potential.

Service is also a key component. We provide opportunities for adults to become classroom volunteers, participate in program advisory committees and councils, serve as a legislative advocate for education, and for students to engage in service and volunteerism.

Community Education also schedules and operates district facilities before and after school hours, on weekends, holidays, and during the summer. These facilities become home to programs offered by a host of organizations ranging from athletics, music, and language programs. Through community use of facilities and cooperative programming, we strive to contribute to a community that values collaboration, partnerships, and maximum use of school and community resources.

Driven by the vision to be a model of excellence among lifelong learning communities, we invite you to be a lifelong learner and explore the possibilities that Robbinsdale Area Schools Community Education may hold for you.

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