GED Testing

The General Education Diploma (GED) tests give individuals the opportunity to earn a State of Minnesota General Education Diploma.  These diplomas are widely accepted as meeting the high school graduation requirements for the purpose of employment, promotion and licensing.  In addition, most colleges and universities will accept the diploma as meeting the school's requirements for a high school diploma.

All testers must be 19 years of age or have an age waiver from the State of Minnesota.  Applications for Age Waivers are available through our program office.

The GED tests changed in 2014.  They are now computer-based tests.  Four subtests make up the GED exam:  Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Mathematics.  The tests can be taken on the same day or on different days.  We have a testing site at Crystal Learning Center.  Please call 763-504-8300 for more information.

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Note: Due to COVID-19, all GED testing has been postponed until further notice.
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