Fees & Payment Policies

2019-20 Hourly Facilities Rental Rates & User Classification Applicable to Rates

2019-20 Hourly Staff Rates
Auditorium Coordinator $25.00/hour
Auditorium Technician $20.00/hour
Building/Stadium Supervisor $15.00/hour
Custodial Overtime/Service Fee $51.00/hour

Damage Deposit
Facilities contract holders are required to pay a $400 damage deposit 30 days in advance of the activity. The damage deposit should be a check made out to Robbinsdale Area Schools. The deposit will be held until after the activity and if there is no damage, the check will be returned to the contract holder. If there is damage, please see procedure under liability and property damage.

Liability and Property Damage 
Users of District 281 buildings and grounds must agree to assume all responsibility for damage or liability of any kind and agree to hold faultless the District from any expense or costs in connection with the use of the schools grounds and facilities and/or equipment under this agreement.

1) The facilities contract holder may be required to provide a $500,000 per person and $1,500,000 per occurrence certificate of liability and property damage insurance per MN Statute 466.04.
2) Any loss or damage of facilities or equipment will be reported immediately to the District 281 personnel on duty or to the Community Enrichment and Engagement office at (763) 504-4917 by the leader in charge of the scheduled activity.
Within 72 hours after the activity, the building custodian or building supervisor will report any damage to the Community Enrichment and Engagement office. The cost of this damage will be deducted from the $400 damage deposit. Any unused amount of the deposit will be refunded. Any amount of damage over the $400 damage deposit will be charged to the permit holder.
3) Permit holders may only use school facilities and equipment that are specified on their permit and approved by the Program Director of Community Enrichment and Engagement.
4) District 281 is not responsible for loss of personal or organizational items.

Payment in Advance
Payment, in advance, will be required for rental, personal charges and damage deposit as outlined in the facilities contract.

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