Gym Use Rules

  1. NO food or drink in the gyms.

  2. NO rollerblades in any part of the building.

  3. Hallways are not for:

  4. No swinging on basketball hoops

  5. Nets/Standards should be left as found

  6. Wear gym shoes.  No black soled shoes or shoes that leave marks on the floor.

  7. Remove wet boots before entering gym.

  8. Report any broken equipment or property damage to the custodian or building supervisor.

  9. Chairs should not be brought into the gym.

  10. Use trash containers for any garbage.

  11. Smoking or possession or consumption of intoxicating substances in or on school premises is prohibited.

  12. User’s group MUST provide proper supervision before, during and after the activity. Activity leaders must be present as long as children remain in the building.

  13. Children must be accompanied by a non-participating adult.

  14. Children are NOT allowed in the gym until the activity supervisor is present.

  15. Exit at the time listed on the permit.

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