Emotions and Stress

Parents benefit from practicing pacing themselves and taking well-deserved breaks.  When we choose to parent, it is important to remember that parenting lasts a very long time, in fact parenting lasts forever.  Doing things for yourself, cultivating joy and friendships, giving yourself time to enjoy your life apart from parenting is important modeling for your children.  It is important for your child to see you exercise, nap, go on a walk, eat healthy foods, read a book, relax with friends, enjoy a hobby, and laugh.  Remember, you only have to deal with what is happening at this moment.  Breath.  Everything will work out.

Every parent benefits with someone on their side, who really understands what each day brings.  Please connect with our Licensed Parent and Family Educators for a free, private consultation.  Getting solid support under you, and a few immediate suggestions to make your day easier, can make an enormous difference in your life, and your family’s.  You can learn so much more from our
Licensed Parent and Family Educators.

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