Financial Assistance/Scholarship Policy

It is the policy of the Adult and Youth Enrichment division of Robbinsdale Area Schools Community Education to offer services to any eligible individual who desires to participate in our Youth Enrichment or Adult Enrichment classes, regardless of ability to pay the standard fee. Depending on the level of eligibility, applicants may receive financial assistance to cover up to 50% of the class fee. It is not currently possible to access scholarship monies when registering online for Adult Enrichment classes but you may register in person or by phone at 763-504-6990. Limited funds are available.

To be eligible for scholarship monies:

1) you must live within Robbinsdale Area Schools/District 281 boundaries,


2) you must have a student attending a District 281 school.

(If neither of the above applies, the applicant cannot be considered for scholarship funds.)


3) you must meet income guidelines. Determining if you meet income guidelines is done in one of two ways:

  • If you have a student who receives free or reduced lunches through Robbinsdale Area Schools, you automatically meet the income guidelines. Call us at 763-504-6990 with your child's name, grade, school and lunch rate, either free or reduced.

  • If you do not have a child who receives free or reduced lunches through Robbinsdale Area Schools but you live within the school boundaries, fill out this application.

QUESTIONS? CALL 763-504-6990

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