General Information

Adventure Club, the child care program of Robbinsdale Area Schools is open 6:30am until school start time and school release time until 6:00pm on all regular school days. All students in Kindergarten through fifth grade are welcome. Adventure Club welcomes students and families of all abilities and will provide reasonable accomodation to aid in the success of students within our program.   

Adventure Club Program Mission

Adventure Club is committed to providing safe, fun and enriching experiences in a respectful and nurturing environment. We teach life long learning skills to all children and youth during out of school time as a division of the Robbinsdale Area Schools Community Education department.      

Adventure Club Goals

  • Provide the opportunities for children and youth to succeed socially and academically through collaboration and new experiences with school and community resources.    
  • Provide a secure and inclusive environment in which all children and youth may feel safe and respected as they try new experiences and explore the world around them.  
  • Provide opportunities from which children can learn to make choices that contribute to their positive growth and development into life long learners and respectful, responsible young adults.    
  • Support families by providing information on the community resources that are available to them.  
  • Encourage all children to be civic minded and involved in their community.    
  • Enable all children and youth to be with dedicated care providers skilled in supporting children to have fun, enjoy being with friends and family, and to build cooperative relationships.  

School Release Days

Adventure Club is open many days that school is closed. Registration for these days is separate from your regular schedule so that families are able to select days based on their individual needs. School Release Day locations may vary. Watch the website and your site for detailed information. 

Summer Program

Adventure Club's summer program runs from early June through late August. Our summer program is open to students entering Kindergarten through sixth grade. A separate program-The Basement is available for students entering 6th through 9th grade. Summer locations may vary.

Program Information

Detailed program information on all aspects of Adventure Club is available in our PARENT HANDBOOK. A new addendum for the parent handbook is available


For detailed information on scheduling options CLICK HERE.


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