2nd Grade Gifted & Talented

As part of the district-wide identification process for Gifted & Talented programs and services, Robbinsdale Area Schools will continue to administer the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) Screening Form to all second grade students. The CogAT will be administered at Lakeview Elementary School on February 24.

Results from the CogAT test will be one of the multiple information sources used to identify students who are most likely to benefit from Gifted & Talented programs and services. To learn more about the identification process, please visit the district website.

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

The CogAT is a group-administered assessment which measures students’ learned reasoning abilities developed through in-school and out-of-school experiences. It is a reliable and valid way to anchor other measures when deciding if a student should be placed in a specific program or service. It is a measure of a student’s potential to succeed in school-related tasks. It is not a measure of general intelligence or IQ.

CogAT Screening Form - Grade 2

At the second grade level, the CogAT Screening Form is audio led and is entirely pictorial. The duration of the test depends on the pacing of the student, however most students will take about 45 minutes to complete the test.

If you have any questions about the CogAT or Gifted & Talented programs and services, I encourage you to contact :

Alicia Koberstein, Gifted & Talented Specialist

Chad Libby, Robbinsdale Area Schools Curriculum and Instruction
Phone: 763-504-8164 or email: chad_libby@rdale.org

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