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The Robbinsdale Area Schools Enrollment Center supports families who decide homeschooling is the best choice for their students. Homeschools must comply with state requirements in accordance with the Minnesota Compulsory Instruction Law.

New homeschoolers can enroll at any time during the school year. In order to enroll please submit the Initial Registration Form for Unaccredited Schools. If you plan to continue homeschooling subsequent years, a Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction must be submitted to our office indicating your intent to continue homeschooling and if any changes have been made (e.g., change in test selection, updated immunization records, change of address).


Alejandra Catarino Mendoza
Phone: 763-504-8065
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By October 1, the resident school district must have one of the below forms on file for every student being homeschooled.  More than one student may be listed on these forms.

Aid Request and Reimbursement

Homeschool students are eligible to receive some state aid. A set amount is allotted each year by the Minnesota Department of Education. To be eligible for reimbursement (such as textbook reimbursement, health services or counseling services), you must complete form ED-01650-33 and return it to the school district's Enrollment Center by October 1 each year. It is important that you enter the number of students being homeschooled for whom you wish to receive services in the boxes titled Textbooks, Health Services and Guidance/Counseling.

If your student is in grades 7 through 12, you may consult the guidance department at your local school for information about basic skills tests, credits and graduation requirements.

Receipts for eligible items must be submitted by May 15 by completing the reimbursement form below. Please list only one student per form. You will have from July 1, 2020 to May 15, 2021 to purchase text materials and submit a reimbursement request. Original itemized receipts are required for each purchase. If a credit card is used, a credit card statement showing the purchase must be provided (per auditors request). Only original itemized receipts are acceptable, need to include adequate proof of payment and must be dated between July 1, 2020 & May 15, 2021.  Do not use this form if you did NOT indicate your interest in participation on Form ED-01650-32 for state aid.

Suggestions for what is eligible for reimbursement: the required nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination fee for your student. Be sure to include a receipt for the examination fee. Student texts must be secular, neutral, nonideological, and not capable of diversion for religious use. As used in this sense, secular, neutral and nonideological means such items would not be regarded as religious, spiritual or sacred, in content or form, and would be considered to present events, facts, and theories that pertain to religion or religious doctrine in an impartial manner.

If you are not sure if certain items would be eligible, please call 763-504-8065. 

Immunizations Requirements

Homeschool families must comply with important state immunization laws related to safeguarding public health. Minnesota Statutes, Section 121A.15, requires that parents/guardians submit the Minnesota immunization statement or a notarized statement regarding conscientiously held belief to their resident school district.

Student Assessment 

Each year the performance of every student who is not enrolled in public school must be assessed using a nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination.  The superintendent of the district in which the student receives instruction and the person in charge of the student’s instruction must agree about the specific examination to be used, as well as about the administration and location of the examination.  Some families choose to use the University of Minnesota Statewide Testing Program (MSTP).  On this site, you will find an order form for the tests, as well as information regarding the testing program. 

Special Education

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) requires that public school districts inform and provide certain information to the representatives of children attending non-public schools.

Federal and state laws require school districts to conduct activities to locate, identify and evaluate all children with disabilities who are located within the geographic boundaries of the district. These activities are referred to as the “Child Find” process. The Child Find requirement applies to all children with disabilities including children who attend non-public schools.

If you have any concerns about your student’s progress or would like to discuss Special Education further, please contact the Special Education office at 763-504-8600.

Enrollment Changes

If your child was previously enrolled in one of our district schools, and will now be homeschooled, please inform the school of his/her withdrawal.  If you re-enroll your child in school, please inform the Enrollment staff at 763-504-8065 that you are no longer homeschooling.

Homeschool Questions and Answers

Information from the Minnesota Department of Education