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COVID updates

COVID protocols for the 2021-22 school year

Face coverings, quarantines
For Robbinsdale Area Schools, the universal wearing of face coverings represents the safest way to start the 2021-22 school year, and also the least disruptive way to conduct in-person learning. 

Face coverings are currently required for all pre-K-12 students over the age of two, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, while on the school bus, or while indoors at all schools and district facilities, including the Crystal Learning Center. 

As a school district, we have a responsibility to protect those who can’t get a vaccine or are not yet eligible for one, including our youngest students. 

Requiring masks inside our buildings and buses will allow us to reduce the number of disruptive classroom quarantines. Per the Minnesota Departments of Education (MDE) and Health (MDH), full classroom quarantines will no longer be necessary when face-coverings have been consistently used. 

In-person learning
We’re confident in our planning, and the continued layering of efforts to minimize the spread of the virus while at school, which include face-coverings, hand hygiene, and promoting screening and vaccinations of those who are eligible. For those reasons, Robbinsdale Area Schools will begin the school year offering full-time, in-person learning. There’s also the option to enroll in a full-time virtual learning environment, called Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA).

Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA)
For those with concerns about resuming in-person learning, or for those families who discovered their students thrive in a distance learning environment, RVA has been approved for K-12 online education. Please know, RVA is not a substitute for distance learning, but a school unto itself, and once enrolled, transfers can only be done at the end of a semester. Learn more by visiting the RVA website.

Families can find information about how to access free vaccinations by visiting the state’s vaccine connector website. In addition, MDH is currently offering $100 to anyone who gets vaccinated.

We’re confident in our planning, and our sincere hope is to hold in-person classes for the entire year, and to set the masks aside -- forever -- as soon as we can. As always, we will continue to monitor the situation and the data, and follow recommendations and guidance of our state and local experts. We will communicate regularly to share timely and important updates. 

COVID reporting an exposure

Are you a staff member, or do you have a student who has tested positive for COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms, or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive? Please fill out our COVID-19 reporting form so we can help keep students and staff safe. 

reporting form

COVID Dashboard

The Robbinsdale Area Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, which tracks various data to help inform operation decisions, is also made available to the community on a weekly basis during the school year. he dashboard includes building and district-wide data.


Because of the evolving nature of COVID-19 and the emerging delta variant of coronavirus, and the on-going efforts to create and maintain a safe learning environment for district students and staff, updates to this page will be made frequently. 

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Current Status

2021-22 School Year

Vaccine information

It’s clear that the easiest and safest way to mitigate COVID-19 is for those who are eligible to get vaccinated.

Learn more about COVID vaccines, the reward the state is offering first-time vaccine recipients, or find a clinic to receive your vaccine today:

Robbinsdale Virtual Academy

For those families who discovered their students thrive in a distance learning environment, or for those with concerns about resuming in-person learning, Robbinsdale Virtual Academy (RVA) could be right for your family. Please know, RVA is not a substitute for distance learning, but a unique school unto itself.


Recent Updates

COVID updates

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) recently updated their isolation and quarantine recommendations for individuals who have tested positive for, or have symptoms of, COVID-19, or who have been exposed to the virus. 

Temporary shift to distance learning

We had hoped to continue with in-person learning without disruption, but many of our staff have tested positive or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19. As a result, all district schools will shift to distance learning beginning Tuesday, Jan. 18, through Friday, Jan. 21. Students will return to in-person learning on Tuesday, Jan. 25.