Pilgrim Lane Construction Updates


Robbinsdale Area Schools is excited to be bringing our Pilgrim Lane building back online as a new home for our FAIR School K-4 program (grades K-1 will start there in fall, with full K-4 spectrum by 2019) and Community Education offices! Check this page for construction updates, documents, and photos, and be sure to sign up for our email list serve to receive construction updates when they are posted!

UPDATE 4/12/17:

Work on the Pilgrim Lane Elementary School building is progressing toward substantial completion in several building exterior categories, with the project’s interior work and the majority of the site work achieving substantial completion later this summer. Here is a short timeline for the estimated completion of the remaining construction activities:

- Building hot asphalt related roofing work prior to May 1
- Building exterior wall-roof flashing system work prior to May 15
- Building exterior wall envelope prior to May 15
- Building exterior window and door glazing system work prior to May 30
- Building exterior wall cleaning and caulking prior to May 30

- Building interior mechanical/electrical/plumbing system prior to July 28
- Building interior finishes completion prior to July 28, depending on the location

- Building exterior signage and wayfinding information installation prior to July 28
Site work including stormwater management systems, east parking lot pavement system wear course, site walkways, site playground pavement system, site building perimeter grading and turf/landscape work around the building perimeter completed prior to August 15.

Drainage and turf repairs to the site’s west playfield area will be phased, with completion of a portion of the playfield in late August 2017 and the remainder of the playfield opening for use in late August 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact District Representative Sandy Yasenchak at 763-504-8138 or Sandy_Yasenchak@rdale.org and they will be forwarded to the correct department.