Global Languages

Welcome to Global Languages.
There's no doubt that the world is getting smaller, and the United States is more diverse than ever before.  Becoming proficient in a second language makes good sense - not to mention it's a requirement at most four-year colleges and universities!
In addition, students who study a second (or third or fourth!) language perform better in math and English, and on college entrance exams.  Further, becoming fluent in a second language will greatly help students once they enter the job market, and will also provide valuable education of other cultures - learning about a new community from the most important aspect - language and communication.
Robbinsdale Area Schools offers Spanish instruction at two elementary schools (Lakeview Elementary, as part of the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme; and Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School); and offers French and Spanish language instruction at both middle schools and both high schools.  Robbinsdale Armstrong High School also offers Japanese language instruction starting in grade 9 and Robbinsdale Cooper offers Ojibwe language instruction in grade 11.
Help your child discover new worlds!  Encourage a second language!


Anh Tran
Multilingual Learning Coordinator