Gifted and Talented Education Committees

gt committee structure

 The Gifted and Talented District Committee is comprised of district and community stakeholders who are passionate about the education of our most advanced learners. Committee members come together to give feedback on current programming, while sharing needs and ideas for future programming.  All of the committee’s work will align with the Unified District Vision, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the World’s Best Workforce goals.

 Member  Building Position
Summer Anthony   Parent
Michelle Berscheid NHLC EC Teacher
Kim Boursier District Middle School GT Specialist
Stephanie Burrage ESC Assistant Superintendent
Melissa Cummings PMS Parent
Chris Daniels PMS/ZLE Parent
Rose Dawson Sonnesyn Teacher
Alicia Dedrickson District Elementary GT Specialist
Kelley De la Cruz SEA Admin Intern
Amy Fisher SEA/LVE Parent
Patsy Green ESC Community Member
Liz Heyer ZLE Parent
Julie Hjerpe District Elementary GT Specialist
Kimberly Johnson PMS Parent
Beth Karges SMS Parent
Cheri Kulland PMS Principal
Kimberly Lewis   Parent
Carla Reeck ESC Director of Curriculum and Instruction
Cara Rieckenberg SEA Teacher
Robin Riggs Neill Parent
Steve Schaupp MLE Teacher
Jamie Schnack ESC Gifted and Talented Coordinator
Andrew Slotto NHLC EC Parent
Naomi Swanson Northport Parent
Russel Walker Sonnesyn Parent
Jenni Weinand District Elementary GT Specialist
Sara White District Middle School GT Specialist
Bradley Wright PMS Parent
Julie Zyskowski-Merwin Sonnesyn Parent

The Gifted and Talented Steering Committee is comprised of members of the Curriculum Division.


The Gifted and Talented Task Force is comprised of Curriculum Division members collaborating with Dr. Richard Cash.


Jamie Schnack Carla Reeck 
 District Gifted and Talented Coordinator  Director of Curriculum and Instruction