Learning Academy & Learning Academy Advisory


The Learning Academy is an opportunity for our administrative teams to come together in professional learning and collaboration.

The Learning Academy consists of the district administration teams and members of the Curriculum Division.

Member Building Position
Adams, Mary Jane ESC TOSA
Beekman, Dennis ESC Executive Director
Burrage, Stephanie ESC Assistant Superintendent
Byrne, Jane Meadow Lake Principal
Calhoun, Jim RMS Assistant Principal
Cook, John Armstrong Assistant Principal
Crosby, Stephanie ESC Executive Director
Dahl, David Armstrong Principal
DeLaCruz, Kelley SEA Administrative Intern
Estrada-Burt, Alejandra Northport Assistant Principal
Goodwine, Jeffrey Lakeview Assistant Principal
Grace, Tamuriel ESC Program Director
Gregor, Polly ESC TOSA
Habel, Ken RSIS Assistant Principal
Hall, Bridget Lakeview Principal
Hancock, Jay RMS Assistant Principal
Haney, Mary Sandburg - HV/TASC Program Director
Hanson, Heather SEA Principal
Howard, Willie Cooper Assistant Principal
Herman, Frank Cooper Principal
Iverson, Gaeli Meadow Lake Assistant Principal
Jackson, Melissa Forest Principal
Jackson, Shirrie RMS Principal
Jefferson, LaKimberly Armstrong Assistant Principal
Jenkins, Carlton ESC Superintendent
Kivi, Melissa ESC TOSA
Kudla, Kelly Zachary Lane Assistant Principal
Kulland, Cheri PMS Principal
Markworth, Jodi Neill Principal
McGregory, Richard ESC Executive Director
Mehdizadeh, Elaine RSIS Principal
Meisch, Chris SMS Assistant Principal
Meyer-Johnson, Nicole Neill Assistant Principal
Moberg, Randy FAIR C and PL Principal
Norby, Erick Cooper Assistant Principal
O'Hern, Amy SMS Principal
Peterson, Cathryn RMS Assistant Principal
Phelps, Matt Zachary Lane Principal
Potter, Monica NHLC Program Director
Prestebak, Jane NHLC Program Director
Purvis, Joseph PMS Assistant Principal
Range, Krista PMS Assistant Principal
Reeck, Carla ESC Program Director
Reiter, Jackie FAIR C and PL Assistant Principal
Rieckenberg, Michael Noble Principal
Ross, Zoraba FAIR C and PL Assistant Principal
Rowe, Frederico Northport Principal
Schnack, Jamie ESC TOSA
Sevick, Craig Cooper
Sherrod, Shalinda Forest Assistant Principal
Smith, Jennifer Noble Assistant Principal
Smith, Shaunece Cooper Assistant Principal
Stovall, Jeffrey Sonnesyn Assistant Principal
Sullivan, Michael PMS Assistant Principal
Sundberg, Lori Armstrong Assistant Principal
Sundstrom, Dale ESC Executive Director
Swalboski, Malinda ESC TOSA
Tran, Anh ESC TOSA
Voight, Marti ESC Program Director
Ward, Leia Sonnesyn Principal
Zingery, Theresa CLC Program Director

The Learning Academy Advisory is a sub-group of these administrators that is responsible for setting the agenda for all upcoming Learning Academy's.


Dr. Stephanie Burrage
Assistant Superintendent