MTSS and Student Handbook

This is a committee of district and community stakeholders which includes (but is not limited to) district and building administrators, curriculum division members, teachers and parents.

Member Building Position
Amos, Nadrat Armstrong Junior - SABE Representative
Anderson, Kelly ESC Special Ed
Azure, Michelle ESC Curriculum Content Support Specialist - K-5 Literacy
Baker, Cassie Armstrong Freshman - SABE Representative
Berg, Erika Lakeview Teacher
Burrage, Stephanie ESC Assistant Superintendent
Byrne, Jane Meadow Lake Principal
Coe, Anna Armstrong Junior - SABE Representative
Cook, John Armstrong Assistant Principal
Dago, Duta Armstrong Senior - SABE Representative
Davey, Missy RMS Teacher
DeLaCruz, Kelley SEA Administrative Intern
Dohrmann, Christine CLC Teacher
Dooher, Denise Neill Teacher/RFT Elem. VP
Eaddy, Latisha Sonnesyn Teacher/Title I
Eckhoff, Peter RFT President
Estrada-Burt, Alejandra Northport Assistant Principal
Goodwine, Jeffrey Lakeview Assistant Principal
Habel, Ken RSIS Assistant Principal
Haney, Mary Highview/TASC Program Director
Hegre, Michaela Armstrong Teacher
Hemke, Rachel Lakeview Teacher/Speech Language Pathologist
Hernandez, Jennifer PMS Teacher
Hill, Kevin RMS Teacher
Iverson, Gaeli Meadow Lake Assistant Principal
Kaminski, Katie SMS Social Worker
Lach, Renee NHLC EC
Marquardt, Lisa Northport Teacher
McCray, Susan RTC Teacher
Medina-Banuelos, Jazmin Armstrong Junior - SABE Representative
Medina-Banuelos, Sayra Armstrong Junior - SABE Representative
Mehdizadeh, Elaine RSIS Principal
Meisch, Chris SMS Assistant Principal
Mena, Tracy RFT Q-Comp Coordinator
Monn, Emily Districtwide Special Ed
Moody-Antrim, Trynity Cooper Junior - SABE Representative
Nelson-Anderson, Tara Districtwide Special Ed
Norlander, Nicole Neill Assistant Principal
O'Hern, Amy SMS Principal
Pabich, Tiffany NHLC EC Parent
Peterson, Cathryn RMS Assistant Principal
Peterson, Kristin Meadow Lake Psychologist
Pfliger, Jesse Meadow Lake Parent
Phelps, Matt Zachary Lane Principal
Potter, Monica NHLC Program Director
Potvin, Megan Armstrong Freshman - SABE Representative
Prestebak, Jane NHLC Program Director
Reeck, Carla ESC Program Director
Reiter, Jacqueline FAIR Crystal Assistant Principal
Rutledge, Sarah Lakeview Instructional Coach
Schroetke, Angela RMS Teacher/Special Ed
Sherrod, Shalinda Forest Assistant Principal
Shore, Wendy Neill Teacher
Smith, Jennifer Noble Assistant Principal
Smith, Shaunece Cooper Assistant Principal
Steman, Laura Meadow Lake Teacher/1st Grade
Stovall, Jeffrey Sonnesyn Assistant Principal
Sullivan, Michael PMS Assistant Principal
Swalboski, Malinda ESC Curriculum Coordinator - 6-12 Literacy, Social Studies
Townsend, Amari Cooper Sophomore - SABE Representative
Voight, Marti ESC Program Director
Ward, Leia Sonnesyn Principal
Warner, Sarah Cooper Psychologist
Wehrkamp, Kristine FAIR PL Executive Director
Wold, Amie Districtwide Special Ed
Wolfe, Lori Noble Teacher
Young, Casey Forest Teacher
Zerome, Luwam Cooper Sophomore - SABE Representative
Zerome, Winta Cooper Junior - SABE Representative


The purpose of this committee is to provide input on the review and revision of the District Rights and Responsibilities Student Handbook as well as the continued work of the implementation of Multi-Tiered Systems of Support district-wide. Our work will align with the Unified District Vision, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and the World’s Best Workforce goals:

  • All children are ready for school (Kindergarten Readiness);
  • All third-graders can read at grade level;
  • All racial and economic achievement gaps between students are closed;
  • All students are ready for career and college; and
  • All students graduate from high school.


Carla Reeck
Director of Federal Programming and Curriculum
Marti Voight
Director of Special Education and Student Services