Fourth Graders at Zachary Lane Celebrate Culture

Fourth Graders at Zachary Lane Celebrate Culture
Posted on 03/10/2020
Lance Mayer, a 4th grade teacher at Zachary Lane Elementary, has been working with his students to celebrate both the similarities and differences in the varying cultures students come from. His class begins with cultural quotes to encourage students to embrace and celebrate their families’ culture. Students participate in discussions and lessons around learning and understanding of other cultures in his classroom. In addition, students create posters and share them with the class, sharing various things from their culture like the maps, flags, food, family, clothing, music and sports.

“The lessons are designed to bring students of different cultures together with an understanding that we all have differences and similarities, and that is what makes us great”, said Mr. Meyer.

At the end of the unit, students participate in a Culture Feast after school in which families are encouraged to bring a dish from their culture to share with other students and families. The event creates conversations and connections, and results in students discovering new foods to enjoy, as well as families sharing recipes. This year some of the dishes that were shared included deer brats and dumplings with gravy representing German culture, a kheer dessert from India, wild rice soup from the Ojibwa culture, fried plantains from the culture of Liberia, and red beans and rice from a family with a southern Mississippi culture.

“I have chosen to do this, because in almost every culture around the world, when there is a gathering or celebration, food is involved. To end the learning with sharing of food seems like a great way to celebrate the diversity in our class and bring everyone together,” said Mr. Meyer.