Provide Resources to Families

Robbinsdale Area Schools Provide Resources to Families Experiencing Housing Instability
Posted on 04/15/2020
Various departments within Robbinsdale Area Schools are working together to provide meals and educational materials to highly-mobile families, including those experiencing homelessness. Nutrition Services, Transportation and Student Services are collaborating to connect with these families, as well as determining what resources are needed and getting those resources delivered.

Families are seeking additional support due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as layoffs and furloughs continue to impact those in our communities. Student Services staff are reaching out to highly-mobile families, as well as families experiencing homelessness, on a weekly basis during distance learning to identify needs and provide resources.

"Our departments are coming together to support our highly-mobile families and families experiencing homelessness during this uncertain time,” said Meghan Hickey, Assistant Director of Student Services. “We are making sure to meet families where they are at, and assisting with providing basic needs so we can then provide education,” she continued.

District staff are delivering meals and educational resources on a weekly basis, utilizing school buses for deliveries. Bus Drivers and Educational Assistants have played a large role in delivering needed resources to our community. Families are identified through the efforts of our school social workers and district homeless
and highly-mobile liaisons. Approximately 30 families, who otherwise would not have access, are currently utilizing this service. Families are able to receive ten meals per week in addition to the educational materials needed to support their participation in distance learning.