Meet Our Staff

Picture of child nutrition staff

Child Nutrition Program Director
Adele Lillie, SNS 763-504-8047

Child Nutrition Assistant Director
Michelle Sagedahl, RD 763-504-8048

Nutrition Program Support Staff:
Secretary: Lori Opitz 763-504-8050

Elementary School Cook Managers:
Forest Elementary: Darlene Curtis, 763-504-7907

Lakeview Elementary: Laura Torkelson, 763-504-4107
Meadow Lake Elementary: Denise Davis, 763-504-7707
Neill Elementary: Patty Sass, 763-504-7407
Noble Elementary: Rhonda Hawkinson, 763-504-4007
Northport Elementary: Joanne Baier, 763-504-7807
Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion School: Asa Wood, 763-504-4407
SEA at Olson: Besan Tahtamoni, 763-507-7207
Sonnesyn Elementary: Patricia Peterson-Darbaki, 763-504-7607
Zachary Lane Elementary: Christina Opatrny, 763-504-7307
FAIR School Pilgrim Lane: Paulette Peterson, 763-504-8407

Middle School Cook Managers:
Plymouth Middle School: Penny Brakken, 763-504-7113

Robbinsdale Middle School: Deborah Hough, 763-504-4813
FAIR School Crystal: Barb Fulton, 763-971-4513
Sandburg Middle School: Adrienne Gooley, 763-504-8213

High School Cook Managers:
Robbinsdale Armstrong High School: Vicky Gasparrini and Ann Johnson, 763-504-8813

Robbinsdale Cooper High School: Julie Nordlocken and Daniela Subialka, 763-504-8513

Other Nutrition Program Sites:
Crystal Learning Center: 763-504-8363