Walking Boundary Maps

Bus transportation, within an established radius, is provided for all students enrolled in their attendance area schools.  There is a "walk zone" established for each school; those students who live in that walk zone are not eligible to ride the bus.  Students may not board another bus outside of their established radius, unless they attend a magnet school or are boarding a bus from a different location, such as a daycare.  Bus transportation is not provided for district students who transfer to an elementary school outside of their attendance area school boundary, unless that school is a magnet school. The maps posted below for each school show their walk zones.

Walking Distances to Schools
Elementary School - Kindergarten - grade 5:  5/10 of a mile
Middle School - grades 6 - 8:  7/10 of a mile
High School - grades 9 - 12:  1 mile

Walking and/or biking to school is a great way to stay healthy, help the environment, and arrive at school energized and ready for the day!  Safe Routes to School is an international program that encourages students to walk or bike to school instead of driving. For more information, click here.


Armstrong High School

Cooper High School

FAIR School Crystal

FAIR School Pilgrim Lane

Plymouth Middle School

Robbinsdale Middle School

Forest Elementary

Lakeview Elementary

Meadow Lake Elementary

Neill Elementary

Noble Elementary

Northport Elementary

Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion

Sandburg Middle School

School of Engineering and Arts (SEA) at Olson

Sonnesyn Elementary

Zachary Lane Elementary