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Achievement and Integration

A&I Team 2022

Robbinsdale Area Schools strives to make all students and families feel empowered to believe in themselves, feel like they belong to an amazing school community, and become the person they see in their dreams.

The district's office of Achievement and Integration and Career and College Readiness is vital to that mission. The department is responsible for addressing issues of race and equity throughout the district, with the goal of becoming a school district free of institutional racism and inequities. 

The Achievement and Integration Department is home to the district's American Indian Education Program, community affinity groups, Family and Community Engagement (FACE) team, and a whole host of additional programs and offerings.

Achievement and Integration Plan

Per requirements included in Minnesota Statutes, sections 124D.861 and 124D.862 as well as Minnesota Rules 3535.0100-0180, the following is the District's Achievement and Integration Plan.

Achievement and Integration Plan

Equity information


Beth Tepper
Director of Achievement and Integration

Assistant Director

Tony Patterson

Tony Patterson
Assistant Director of Achievement and Integration

American Indian Education Program

The Robbinsdale Area Schools American Indian Education Program serves American Indian students by developing their understanding and appreciation of their history and culture. Learn more by visiting the Indian Education Program's website.

Research Experiences for High School Students

The Achievement and Integration Department offers Research Experiences to high school students each year. Students must go through an application process to be accepted into the Experience.