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Business Services / Finance

We are dedicated to exemplary financial stewardship of the funds the school district receives from federal, state and local levels. Robbinsdale Area Schools has been recipients of financial awards from the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO) for 18 consecutive years.

Business Services is comprised of the Finance, Payroll and Purchasing departments.

Annual Budget

The Robbinsdale Area School District’s fiscal year commences July 1 of each year, which is consistent with most school districts and is law in Minnesota. The School Board, by law, must have a budget adopted for the upcoming fiscal year prior to July 1.

The budget sets forth the financial plan for the forthcoming fiscal year. It is based on the projected financial needs of the District and serves to allocate limited resources in the best possible way to provide the best educational opportunities to students. 

Financial Structure

The financial activity of the District is accounted for in several funds. Each fund is an independent accounting entity having its own set of accounts, assets, liabilities, fund balances, revenues and expenditures. The Budget, approved by the School Board, reports on the following funds: 

  • General
  • Capital Expenditure (General Fund)
  • Child Nutrition
  • Community Service
  • Building Construction
  • Debt Service


Greg Hein
Executive Director of Finance

Virginia Verbrugge
Assistant Finance Director

Beth Tomlinson

Valerie Milinkovich
Purchasing Director
763-504-8052 | Fax: 763-504-8971

Karen Timm
Payroll Director
763-504-8044 | Fax: 763-504-8971

Karylanne Marchand
Office Manager

Finance Information/Documents

Finance Frequently Asked Questions

State Auditor's Report

The findings of this report should give comfort to the petitioners, as no deep systemic problems were found. We found no evidence of the suspicions of wrongdoing lodged against specific employees

Julie Blaha, State Auditor

The Office of the State Auditor (OSA) was petitioned to review Independent School District 281, Robbinsdale Area Schools, to examine the books, records, accounts and affairs of the District for the period July 1, 2015, through March 31, 2019. The state auditors office will bill the District approximately $69,000. The District estimates an additional $30,000 was spent on staff support and supplies. 

The process took seven months (nearly 700 hours) to completed, and the report was released on Monday, June 15, 2020. The report is available at the Office of the State Auditor's website

Understanding the Report

School finances and financial reports are not always easy to understand, and we welcome questions and concerns from our community. We continue to refine our policies and practices in support of our District Equity Policy. We also invite you to attend or view our school board meetings to stay up to date on district matters. Thank you for your continued support of District 281! 

Next Steps

Excess Student Accident Insurance Coverage

Robbinsdale Area Schools strives to provide a safe environment for students. However, despite best efforts, accidents do occasionally happen. Even typical childhood activities such as playing on the playground carry a potential for injury. The school district does not provide insurance coverage for accidents which may occur during the regular school day. 

As a service to students and their families, the district offers the opportunity to purchase low-cost student insurance at a nominal cost. This insurance can help with deductibles and co-pays under your health insurance plan or provide primary coverage for accidents when no health insurance is available. All school-sponsored and supervised activities and time spent in school are covered as defined by the terms and limitation of the policy. Families can purchase 24-hour coverage for an increased premium. 

Please note, insurance is recommended for students participating in district athletics. 

Insurance Website