Robbinsdale Area Schools

Positive Case?

The below workflow outlines what happens with a positive COVID-19 case.

Step One

Report of Positive Case or Symptoms of COVID-19

  • If a student is at school, the student will be placed in the isolation room.
  • Parent/guardian will be notified to pick-up the student.
  • Complete a COVID-19 reporting form
  • If employee is at work, notify supervisor and immediately go home. 

Students and staff should stay home if they have been exposed to someone with COVID in their home and are waiting for test results, unless they are fully vaccinated or have recovered from lab confirmed COVID in the past 90 days.

Step Two

Close Contact Investigation of Positive Cases

  • When Robbinsdale Area Schools is alerted of a positive case, the district works with the MN Dept. of Health to report the case.

Step Three

Robbinsdale Area Schools Informs Public Health Monitoring

  • Schools will notify all families and staff if the daily absence rate of COVID-like illness (including influenza) and/or lab confirmed, positive COVID cases exceeds 5 percent or three or more students in an elementary or center-based special education classroom. This has been the infectious diseases practice and requirement prior to the COVID-19 pandemic from Hennepin County. In addition, positive cases and the number of individuals in quarantine or isolation due to symptoms will continue to be reported weekly on the district’s COVID data dashboard

Step Four

Robbinsdale Area Schools Monitors District Data and Updates Staff and Families Weekly

  • District COVID Coordinators work with public health officials to continually monitor numbers of staff and students who have confirmed cases. 
  • Confirmed cases and the numbers of students and staff quarantining are reported weekly on the district website. 

Individual privacy is ALWAYS protected.