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The winter solstice is coming

Dong Zhi (which means “Winter Arrives”) is the Chinese celebration of the winter solstice. Taking place six weeks before the Chinese New Year, the festival has its own significance for many. Some believe this is a day when everyone becomes one year older.

Years ago, the celebration began as a harvest festival, when farmers and fisherman spent time celebrating with their families. While not an official holiday today, it remains a time for families to join together to celebrate the year that has passed and share good wishes for the year to come. 

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On April 23, the district co-hosted its first traditional powwow in years at Armstrong High School, attracting more than 300 people. The celebration featured singing and dancing, a feast, and a celebration of Native American student graduates. The powwow also served as the district’s launch pad to American Indian Month, which is recognized in Minnesota annually in May.

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