Robbinsdale Area Schools

Addressing nationwide TikTok trend regarding school violence on Dec. 17

Addressing nationwide TikTok trend regarding school violence on Dec. 17

We are writing to share information with you about an emerging national TikTok challenge that encourages students to make threats to schools. These threats often promote gun violence or bombings that would allegedly occur at schools on Friday, Dec. 17.

TikTok is a popular social media platform with students.

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) has made local law enforcement agencies around the state aware of this national challenge and these threats circulating on social media. Local and state law enforcement do not believe threats through this challenge are credible.

The DPS reports “that the origins of this threat remain unknown and there is no evidence to suggest that any mass causality or severe violence incidents will occur on this date, within Minnesota or the U.S. more broadly.”

Please remind your student(s) that when they use social media, they must use it responsibly. Students are often aware of situations before adults, so please tell your student to share concerns with a trusted adult as soon as possible.

Threats like this disrupt learning and cause fear and anxiety for many of our students. We recommend that you take time today to talk to your student(s) about this situation and address any questions they may have. If you feel your student would benefit from talking with our social worker or our school psychologists, please call your student’s school and share your concerns.

Please know if threats of this nature are received in Robbinsdale Area Schools, we will immediately begin a formal investigation, and we will also notify police.

Sharing inappropriate content or threats in school and/or on social media can have real-life consequences, that may include suspension and criminal charges. We will follow our discipline procedures as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Thank you for your understanding and partnership in keeping our schools safe.