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Armstrong students collaborate with NASA engineers

Armstrong students collaborate with NASA engineers

As children, many of us were fascinated by space. We loved learning about the solar system and the astronauts who explored beyond earth. For some students, this fascination has transformed into an opportunity to work with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the classroom. Students enrolled in aerospace engineering and chemistry at Armstrong High School have the opportunity to work with engineers from NASA.

“We are excited about these new academic offerings and the direct connection to science and engineering,” shared Armstrong principal, Erick Norby.

As a part of the NASA Hunch program, students are designing lunar wheels, tables, work benches, and parabolic mirrors and chairs. A portable IV fluid generator, microgravity dice, edible packaging, and an insect lab for protein production are also being designed for missions to Mars and the International Space Station. 

A total of 42 students working in 14 teams are meeting with NASA Engineers at least three times in person and are video conferencing at least once a month. Students are able to get feedback and ask questions about their projects during these meetings. This first in-person visit by NASA's Glenn Johnson took place at Armstrong in late September.