Robbinsdale Area Schools

Educators Create Classroom Connections through Family Recipes

Finding fun and unique ways to connect with students while in distance learning has been a top priority for educators in Robbinsdale Area Schools. Teaching remotely has also allowed those same educators to test their own creativity and try new techniques. 

That’s how a pair of fourth grade teachers at the School of Engineering and Arts (SEA), Liz Kinville and Mary Schoeb, came up with the idea for their students to compile a class recipe book. 

“When we gather, we typically gather with food,” said Mary Schoeb.“When someone is grieving, food is used to help comfort them. When we celebrate, we often have remarkable food traditions that hold so many memories.

“When we want to learn about other cultures, their food traditions can help us connect to that culture and to the people who value those traditions,” she continued. “We wanted our students to feel proud of their traditions - whether they are new favorites or generational traditions, food is something that we can use to connect to each other.” 

Students submitted recipes highlighting their family traditions. From breads to sweets, to sides and main dishes, the recipes showcased a variety of cultures and cuisines -- including Pao de Queijo, Somalia bread, koalche, Czech vomacka soup, tamales and more. The recipe book’s name, KinScho, reflects the way the duo refers to their class (Kinville/Schoeb). 

“This project was a great way for our students to celebrate each other,” said Dr. Heather Hanson, Principal of SEA. “This year, more than ever, it is so important we make connections with each other.”

The 2020 KinScho Recipe Book can be viewed online.