Robbinsdale Area Schools

FAIR Crystal hosts Stop Motion Animation Film Festival

Students at FAIR and SEA @FAIR Crystal participated in the first ever FAIR Crystal Animation Festival. Students created stop motion animation films that can be viewed here, and then voted on their favorite in several categories.

The following winners were announced during the awards ceremony on May 10:

  • Best Comedy: Created by Ally Trei, Chloe Grant, Bianca Foss Padernos
  • Most Creative: Created by Zayn Mohamoud
  • Best Special Effects: Created by Severiana Dirks and Greta Flansburg
  • Best Character Design: Ava Champ, Elise Ditty and Johanna Wilcox
  • Most Effort: Axel Roddy and La’Noja Jones
  • Most Meaningful Narrative: Sania Kumar

View all of the stop motion animation videos.