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Request for families with American Indian students

Request for families with American Indian students

Specific laws provide special funding for Native American students – and public school districts like Robbinsdale Area Schools – to help support their education. Many Native American and Indigenous students and families aren’t aware of these funding streams, but Rdale relies on them to support its American Indian Education program.

The funds help provide cultural activities and field trips, academic assistance, post-secondary preparation, Dakota and Ojibwe language learning opportunities, and much more.

If you do not have students who are American Indian – enrolled in a tribe or descended from those enrolled in a tribe – this will not pertain to you.

For those who are enrolled or descended, please see important information below. 

Program funding for our Indigenous students relies on federal dollars. To secure this funding, we’re asking all families with American Indian students to complete two forms by Thursday, June 1. 

506 form
This enrollment form provides a record of how many American Indian students we have in Rdale, which helps us fund our department, pay staff, and provide activities like the spring powwow. 

JOM or Johnson O'Malley form
This form is part of a federal program for enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe. The program helps students pay for sports, activities, school supplies, culturally significant items, and college preparation and career readiness courses. 

Please email completed forms to You may also drop off forms at your school’s front desk. If you have questions, need help completing the forms, or would like these forms mailed to you, please reach out to us at or 763-504-4843.