Robbinsdale Area Schools

Robbinsdale Area Schools Statement on Racial Incident in Chanhassen freshman football game

Last night, Sept. 29, the freshman football team from Robbinsdale Armstrong High School played the freshman team at Chanhassen High School. During the game, Armstrong players heard a number of racial slurs directed against them and their coaching staff by members of the opposing team.

We acknowledge this racial incident has caused trauma to our freshman football team. The members of Armstrong’s team courageously took steps to confront the racism of opposing players, and we could not be prouder of how they handled the situation. 

Following the game, our coaches approached Chanhassen’s coaches to address the incident. Before 8 p.m. last night, Chanhassen’s Athletic Director Michael Bailey offered an apology and promised to address the incident.

We appreciate Chanhassen High School’s swift apology and their commitment to ensuring this incident doesn't go unanswered.