Robbinsdale Area Schools

509.1 AP Enrollment of International Exchange Students

Approved September 28, 2020

I. International Exchange Students

A. The Robbinsdale School District will permit enrollment of up to ten (10) International Exchange students at each comprehensive high school (Armstrong and Cooper) who are enrolled on a first-come-first-serve basis. Students will be accepted from any country through a Council on Standards for International Education approved program and will be required to furnish an appropriate J-1 Visa. The host family must live within the high school attendance area.

International Exchange Students with J-1 Student Visas are considered ‘temporary residents’ of the District and may be counted as a resident ‘pupil’ for purposes of receiving state aid under the General Education Finance and Revenue Statues.

B.   International Exchange Students, as per Minnesota state law, are not eligible to participate in post-secondary enrollment options programs.

C.  International Exchange Students who wish to enroll after the initial ten (10) registrations have been filled may be admitted if there is sufficient room at the preferred school.

D.  International Exchange Students who are not part of an exchange program and are in possession of an F-1 Visa may attend public secondary schools grades 9-12 for a maximum period of 12 months, provided they submit an I-20 Form and pay in full the tuition established by the School District. They are not allowed to attend any K-8 school or adult option program.

E. According to Minnesota State High School League Rules, International Exchange students who transfer through a recognized foreign exchange program are eligible to compete at all levels of interscholastic competition.

F. The building principal will approve all International Exchange Student enrollments.

G. Enrollments for all International Exchange Students will be approved at the specific building where the application is being made.  Students will be enrolled in the 12th grade, despite age.  Host parents must complete the enrollment process at the district enrollment center. The host school will send the enrollment approval letter to the enrollment center and the host family and exchange student will complete the enrollment at the enrollment center.


II.  Education of Foreign National Students with Long-Term Visas

A. Students who reside in the District for the purpose of care and support from their parents are considered residents of the District.

B.  However, if a foreign national does not live with his/her parents, the School District must determine why the student is living in the District. If the student’s purpose in residing in the district is for the purposes of education, the District may allow the student to pay tuition in order to attend.


*Supports Policy 509

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