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606.02 Policy: Request to Opt Out of Instruction or Materials

606.02 Policy: Request to Opt Out of Instruction or Materials

Requests to opt out of Instruction or Materials

Parents and guardians, who wish to opt out their student from a part of the RAS curriculum, including
instruction and materials, must follow the procedure detailed below:

  1. Participate in a meeting with the building principal or designee who will hear the concerns.
    The Principal or designee will explain the opt-out request process and provide an overview of the
    responsibilities of parents/guardians and students in implementing alternative instruction.
  2. Parents/guardians must submit a written plan for alternative instruction for the student. The plan
    must include, as applicable, details for:
         a. Replacement instructional materials;
         b. How the plan aligns with state and district standards;
         c. How the parent/guardian will cover costs to the District to implement the plan; and
         d. How the alternative instruction will be delivered to the student.
  3. A school committee, which may include building administrators, classroom teachers, school
    support staff, and librarians, will evaluate the plan. The evaluation will consider whether the
    alternative instruction plan is aligned with District and state standards, district policy, and
    assessments, and the availability of school resources, such as classroom space, to administer the
    plan. The evaluation will also ensure that implementing the plan for alternative instruction will not
    incur a cost to the District.
  4. The school committee will provide a response to the written plan within 10 school days. The
    response will be one of the following:
         a. Acceptance of the plan for alternate instruction;
         b. Acceptance of the plan for alternate instruction with modifications, including an
             explanation for the modifications; or
         c. Notification that the plan for alternate instruction is not acceptable with an explanation.
    The response will specify how the learning will be assessed. The parent/guardian will reply in
    writing with an agreement or refusal to provide the resources needed to implement the plan. If the
    parent/guardian accepts the response, the plan must begin within 10 school days from the date of
    parental acceptance.
  5. If the plan is not accepted, the parent/guardian may appeal to the District Curriculum Leadership
    Committee. The Committee will consider the case at its earliest opportunity and submit a
    recommendation to the Superintendent, which will then be communicated to the school and
    parent/guardian. Final decisions regarding the appeal will be made by the Superintendent.

    When a student opts out of a portion of a course, the student will use that instructional time as a
    study hall. While alternatives will be considered, the school is not obligated to provide space
    outside of the regular classroom for the study hall. The student may not leave the school campus
    during this time.

    RAS will not pay for the costs of alternate instruction or the cost of administering the plan.

    If the opted-out instruction or standards are required for completion of the course and are not met
    by the alternate instruction plan, RAS reserves the right to deny credit in the course.

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