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526 Policy: Hazing Prohibition

526 Policy: Hazing Prohibition

Approved: February 6, 2012
Updated: May 20, 2024



The purpose of this policy is to maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff that is free from hazing. Hazing activities of any type are inconsistent with the educational goals of the school district and are prohibited at all times.


A. No student, teacher, administrator, volunteer, contractor, or other employee of the school district shall plan, direct, encourage, aid, or engage in hazing.

B. No teacher, administrator, volunteer, contractor, or other employee of the school district shall permit, condone, or tolerate hazing.

C. Apparent permission or consent by a person being hazed does not lessen the prohibitions contained in this policy.

D. Retaliation against a victim, good faith reporter, or a witness of hazing is prohibited.

E. False accusations or reports of hazing against a student, teacher, administrator, volunteer, contractor, or other employee are prohibited.

F. A person who engages in an act of hazing, reprisal, retaliation, or false reporting of hazing or permits, condones or tolerates hazing shall be subject to discipline or other remedial responses for that act in accordance with the school district’s policies and procedures.

Consequences for students who commit, tolerate, or are a party to prohibited acts of hazing may range from remedial responses or positive behavioral interventions up to and including suspension and/or expulsion.

Consequences for employees who permit, condone, or tolerate hazing or engage in an act of reprisal or intentional false reporting of hazing may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or discharge.

Consequences for other individuals engaging in prohibited acts of hazing may include, but not be limited to, exclusion from school district property and events and/or termination of services and/or contracts.


The Superintendent is directed to develop procedures for Hazing for existing policies of the School District that meet the state requirements established in law or rule.

Legal References:

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Cross References:

RAS Policy 102.1 (Equity Policy)
RAS Policy 403 (Discipline, Suspension, and Dismissal of School District Employees)
RAS Policy 413 (Harassment and Violence)
RAS Policy 506 (Student Discipline)
RAS Policy 514 (Bullying Prohibition Policy)
RAS Policy 525 (Violence Prevention [Applicable to Students and Staff])

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