Robbinsdale Area Schools

707 Policy: Transportation of Public School Students

707 Policy: Transportation of Public School Students

Approved: June 17, 2024


The purpose of this policy is to provide for the transportation of students consistent with the requirements of law.


A. The policy of the school district is to provide for the transportation of students in a manner which will protect their health, welfare, and safety.

B. The school district recognizes that transportation is an essential part of the school district services to students and parents but further recognizes that transportation by school bus is a privilege and not a right for an eligible student.


The superintendent is directed to develop Transportation of Public School Students administrative procedures for the School District that meet the state and federal requirements established in law or rule.

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Cross References:

RAS Policy 102.1 (Equity)
RAS Policy 708 (Transportation of Nonpublic School Students)
RAS Policy 709 (Student Transportation Safety Policy)
RAS Policy 710 (Extracurricular Transportation)