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710 AP: Extracurricular Transportation

710 AP: Extracurricular Transportation

Approved: February 9, 2015


The purpose of this policy is to make clear to students, parents, and staff the school district’s administrative procedure regarding extracurricular transportation.


The determination as to whether to provide transportation for students, spectators, or participants to and from extracurricular activities shall be made solely by the school district administration. This determination shall include, but is not limited to, the decision to provide transportation, the persons to be transported, the type or method to be utilized, all transportation scheduling and coordination, and any other transportation arrangements or decisions. Employees who are involved in extracurricular activities shall be advised by the administration as to the transportation arrangements made, if any.


School district employees shall not undertake independent arrangement, scheduling, or coordination of transportation for extracurricular activities unless specifically directed or approved by the school district administration. All transportation arrangements made by a school district employee must be approved by a building administrator. The employee must be a district approved Type III or MFSB driver and must follow all of the guidelines pertaining to safe transportation of district students as contained in their Type III/MFSB district training. If the school district makes no arrangements for extracurricular transportation, students who wish to participate are responsible for arranging for or providing their own transportation.


An employee must not use a personal vehicle to transport one or more students except as provided herein. However, employees may make appropriate transportation arrangements for students as necessary in an emergency or other unforeseeable circumstance.

In a nonemergency situation, an employee must get prior, written approval from the administration before transporting a student in a personal vehicle. If a school vehicle is available, the employee will use the school vehicle. The administration has the sole discretion to make a final determination as to the appropriate use of a personal vehicle to transport one or more students.

If any emergency transportation arrangements are made by employees pursuant to this section, the relevant facts and circumstances shall be reported to the administration as soon thereafter as practicable.

All vehicles used to transport students shall be properly registered and insured.

[Note: This policy provides that employees may use a personal vehicle to transport students in an emergency or other unforeseeable circumstance. An “emergency or other unforeseeable circumstance” does not include situations where regular transportation is available or scheduled.

For example, if a scheduled extracurricular event occurs outside of the school district and the school district transports a team or group of students to and from the event, an employee would be prohibited by law from using a personal vehicle to transport some students to the event. In contrast, if a student attending this same event became ill or injured and required immediate transportation home or to a health care facility, the exigent need to transport one student would not constitute regular or scheduled transportation. An employee would have authority to transport the student in a personal vehicle under these circumstances, if using a vehicle that is properly registered and insured. The expectation of the school district is that the employee would immediately contact administration about these circumstances to ensure oversight of the employee’s use of this exception.

Nonregular and nonscheduled transportation also would include situations where some notice may be provided of the need for transportation to a nonscheduled event for which transportation generally is not provided by the school district. For example, a group of students may participate in a scheduled debate competition for which regular school district transportation is provided. Two students advance to a regional competition the following day. Transportation would not have been scheduled to the regional competition as the students’ advancement was not predicted. These circumstances may justify an employee’s use of a personal vehicle to transport the two students to the regional competition, if the vehicle is properly registered and insured. Because the employee has sufficient time to contact an administrator, advance written permission by an administrator would be expected for the purpose of overseeing that the reasons for an employee using a personal vehicle comply with the requirements of the law.]​​​​​​​



In its discretion, the school district may charge fees for transportation of students to and from extracurricular activities conducted at locations other than school, where attendance is optional.

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Cross References:

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Policy 709 (Student Transportation Safety Policy)

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