Robbinsdale Area Schools

Student Data Privacy

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Robbinsdale Area Schools (Rdale) provides access to free and subscription-based digital resources for staff and students to use as instructional resources or which may increase efficiency in school operations. 

Depending upon the particular educational technology being used, Rdale may need to collect different types of student data, which is then shared with educational technology vendors through their online sites, services, and/or applications. Under Minnesota’s Student Data Privacy Act, educational technology vendors are prohibited from selling or renting a student's information, or from engaging in targeted advertising using a student's information. Such vendors may only disclose student data for K-12 school purposes and other limited purposes permitted under the law. This act also requires school districts like Rdale to provide timely notice of the tool used, data collected, and contact information.

The district has partnered with LearnPlatform to inform staff, students and families about digital resources that have been evaluated by the district's Technology Department. To see the full library of evaluated resources, please click here, or scroll below. If you have any questions or concerns about any digital resources used by your child, please contact your child’s teacher.